M.Sc (Organic Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry)

Welcome to Rajiv Gandhi School of Chemistry

Rajiv Gandhi School of chemistry was started in the year 1998 as one of the colleges of Rajiv Gandhi group of colleges which was started in 1991.

Rajiv Gandhi School of chemistry offers 2 year full time post graduate courses

  • Sc Organic Chemistry
  • Sc Analytical Chemistry

The thought behind the foundation of Rajiv Gandhi School of Chemistry owes to the fact that several career options are available for these courses today in both India and Abroad as well. The use of Chemistry in various applications in various industries is rapidly growing over the years. There is a good scope for a bright career with these courses which offer numerous jobs in Research Laboratories and Pharmaceutical industries.

M.Sc Analytical Chemistry

“Analytical Chemistry is what Analytical Chemists Do” C.N Reilly 1965

This quote is attributed to C.N Reilly (1925-1981) on receipt of the prestigious Fisher Award in 1965 in Analytical Chemistry.

Analytical chemistry studies and uses instruments and methods used to separate, identify, and quantify matter. The craft of analytical chemistry is not performing a routine analysis on a routine sample, but improving established analytical methods, in extending existing analytical methods to new types of samples, and in developing new analytical methods for measuring.

M.Sc Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is the study of structures, properties, and reactions of organic compounds and organic materials. The range of applications of organic compounds is enormous, in the modern society, knowledge within organic chemistry is required in a wide range of disciplines, as demonstrated by the fact that organic synthetic products as plastics, drugs, pharmaceuticals, explosives and paints. All the key molecules of life, such as DNA, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates are organic compounds furnishing the energy that sustains life. Due to environmental problems arising by unwanted consequences of organic chemicals previously introduced to the environment, the development of environment-friendly processes has become an interesting and challenging field of organic chemistry.


Our college students are well settled in various Research Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Industries.

  • Ramesh 2007 Dr. Reddys Labs, Hyderabad.
  • Varma 2007 Divis Laboratories, Vizag.
  • M.K. Naidu 2007 Divis Laboratories, Vizag.
  • Kumar 2007 Hetero Drugs, Vizag.
  • Srinivas 2008 Hetero Drugs, Hyderabad.
  • Sandeep 2008 Dr. Reddys Labs, Hyderabad.
  • Harish Kumar 2009 batch settled in Divis Laboratories in Production Dept.
  • Vishwanath 2009 batch settled in Aurobindo, R&D.
  • Santhosh 2009 batch settled in Aurobindo, Quality In charge.
  • Ramanujam 2010 batch settled in Cipla, Bangalore in Production Dept.
  • Satish 2010 batch settled in Aurobindo, R&D.



The library of Rajiv Gandhi College of Pharmacy is the heart of the institute, which is one of the best pharmacy libraries in the state. Its ambience ignites interest in students to utilize the facility to their best. Our library is very spacious with separate group discussion chamber working for at least 8 hours a day.


The college owns a fleet of buses to accommodate the students and employees for commuting to college from surrounding villages. The management has been providing free transport facility to all the employees since the inception of the college.

Hostel Facility

  • Separate Hostel for Boys and Girls provided with AC & Non AC.
  • Each Room accommodates four Members with attached Bathroom.
  • Each Room contains Two Tables & Four Chairs.
  • Provide Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Tea & Dinner.
  • Weekly twice Non-Veg (i.e. on Sunday & Wednesday)

Medical Facilities:

The college has attached health centre with qualified male and female doctors and nurse with necessary facilities and medicines to take care of the health problems of the students and employees.

Other Facilities

  • Wi-Fi enabled campus. 24 hours free internet provided.
  • To avoid Transport Problem, 3 Buses were procured.
  • Two AC Seminar Halls with Audio Video, LCD projector.
  • Canteen also available.
  • Guest Lectures are being arranged twice in each semester preferably one from Organization and one from Academic side.
  • Industrial Visits, Industrial Tours are being organised to bring practical experience.

Course Teachers

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