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B.Sc – MPCS (Mathematics Physics Computer Science)

The aim of Rajiv Gandhi Degree College is to provide sound training in the fundamental principles and basic techniques of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science. And then work into the main disciplines of the subjects.


Mathematics is the mother if all sciences. The world cannot move an inch without mathematics. Every businessman, accountant, engineer, mechanic, farmer, scientist, shopkeeper, even street hawker requires some knowledge of mathematics in the day to day life

Mathematics is among the most fascinating of all intellectual disciplines, the purest of all art forms, and the most challenging of games. The study of mathematics is not only exciting, but important. Mathematicians have an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to society.


Physics is the natural science which examines basic concepts such as mass, charge, matter and its motion, more broadly it is the general analysis of nature. From the smallest atomic particle to the largest galaxies Physics aims to describe various phenomena that occur in nature.

Computer Science

Computer Science deals with the use of computers by human beings for speedy work of increased quality and productivity. Computer science is the combination of principles, theories and applications of the technologies that underlie the access to information. In its purest form, computer science is the research and development of technology that solves specific problems.

What will you study in Computer Science?

In the 1st year

Details of Computer Basics

Working of MS OFFICE


In this year Students will learn total Office Oriented Work using MS-OFFICE and how to write programs in C-LANGUAGE, these two coursers enable them to take up small tasks. C-Programming learnt in this year will be helpful (is used) for writing programs in Java next year.

In the 2nd year

Java Programming

Data Structure Concepts

In this year Students will learn Programs from C-language JAVA Programming along with Data structures Concepts. This Programming is useful in developing small projects.


Database Management System

Web Technology & Internet



  • All the Laboratories are well equipped.
  • Computer Lab with 120 Laptops & Desktops.


  • Digital Library Facility.
  • Spacious Library with 150 seating capacity.
  • A huge library consisting of nearly 80,000 Volumes.
  • International Journals & Magazines are also available.


  • Separate Hostel for Boys and Girls provided with AC & Non AC.
  • Each Room accommodates four Members with attached Bathroom.
  • Each Room contains Two Tables & Four Chairs.
  • Provide Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Tea & Dinner.
  • Weekly twice Non-Veg (i.e. on Sunday & Wednesday)


  • NCC for both Boys & Girls has introduced first time by our College in Rajahmundry.
  • Girl’s wing headed by Capt. K. Sailaja.
  • Boy’s wing headed by Capt. K. Ramesh.
  • Under their able guidance both NCC units are running successfully.


  • Wi-Fi enabled campus. 24 hours free internet provided.
  • To avoid Transport Problem, 3 Buses were procured.
  • Two AC Seminar Halls with Audio Video, LCD projector.
  • Canteen also available.
  • Guest Lectures are being arranged twice in each semester preferably one from Organization and one from Academic side.
  • Industrial Visits, Industrial Tours are being organized to bring practical experience.

Course Teachers

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